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Use these simple steps to create your first professional looking comic book


Start your own original comics with the help of a proven system.


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The easiest way to create your comic book Guaranteed

Using this guide you'll finish your comic in a timely manner with a proven step by step process. If you'rent satisfied with your results I'll personally refund your money back.

Use this Simple Steps to Create your first looking comic book

This was me a few years ago. I couldn’t complete my first comic book because I was overthinking every step of the process, because there were things I still didn’t know, and because I want it to be perfect. 

I got stuck every step of the way and it took me months to get just a few pages down.

I realized I wasn’t going to finish anything at that rate.  Something had to change. There had to be a better way.


So, after many attempts and through trial and error I documented the best techniques and strategies proven to propel your creativity forward so that you can complete your first comic ASAP.

I got rid of anything unnecessary or confusing to make this process as simple and as effective as possible.

I put together a step-by-step easy to follow system for you to create your first comic.  


Set up your Original Story

Learn to Translate your Script to Comic format


Learn about panel Layout and camera angles


Design and Develop your characters and Props

Learn to create thumbnails and line work

Learn inking and Coloring

Learn about font selection, speech bubbles, and effects

Learn about printing and publishing

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