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The Wild Warriors NFT Collectible Sheen Cards 

Would you imagine buying the first Spider-Man comic signed by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko? How much do you think that item is worth today? How much more would it be worth in 50 to 100 years?  


For the first time, now you can own an exclusive limited edition NFT - Digital Sheen Collectible Card from the epic ongoing graphic novel series The Wild Warriors, the Legend of Kumbo. If you value original content and enjoy supporting independent artists, this is your chance. This collection features Certified Sheen Collectible cards directly from the Wild Warriors' sole creator and artist Camilo Ruiz. These rare NFTs are extremely limited on a first-come, first-serve basis. Take action now while they are still available. It's my goal to take this idea to the big screen. Therefore, these NFT's will have exponential market value growth in the future. 



Product Features:

  • MP4 File

  • Bragging rights- You own the Collectible Card

  • Authentic NFT secured by Blockchain technology.

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