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I want to extend my most sincere THANK YOU for taking the time to check out my comic, THE WILD WARRIORS -The Legend of Kumbo.


The Wild Warriors is an ambitious action-adventure comic book series. Kumbo, a young bull anxious to follow the family tradition, goes through a series of events that negatively impact his reality. These events make him question his morals, eventually turning him into the first Elephant Warrior. 

The Wild Warriors is an extraordinary project and one that I'm proud of. I've been working on this project for a while, ensuring that the story communicates well and has relatable characters. A lot of time, sweat, and tears have gone into this project. I want to invite you to be a part of this process as I go along. This comic book series is an epic journey of roughly eight issues long. I'll be posting news, artwork, updates, and progress on social media so you can get as excited as I am with this project. 



Created and written by Camilo Ruiz

Published by True Independent Comics




Issue #1 Released May 2018- Available for Purchase Now.

Issue #2 Released October 2018 - Available for Purchase Now.

Issue #3 Available December 2018- Available for Purchase Now.

Issue #4 Available Jan 2020- Available for Purchase Now.

Issue #5 Available May 2021- Available for Purchase Now.

Issue #6 Available October 2021- Available for Purchase Now.

Issue #7 Available January 2023

Issue #8 Available May 2023

Issue #10 Available August 2023

Issue #11 Available Nov 2023

Issue #12 Available March 2024


Sponsor Opportunity

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Be part of the Epic. Help support the creation of the Wild Warriors using the Donate button above. This small donation will get your name on the credits of the comic book on both printed and digital versions. Additionally, you'll enjoy sponsorship benefits, which include: gifts, exclusive updates, pre-sale offers and notifications, original artwork, and discounts on prints and posters. ​

The Wild Warriors is a highly ambitious project which I intend to conquer in its entirely. With more than 2k followers on social media and a SOLD OUT (printed version) -- Issue #01, I'm confident that a small investment towards The Wild Warriors development will be nothing short of spectacular. My commitment to you is that I won't stop until this project becomes the next big thing, but only with your help can we accomplish it faster!!! So don't delay and join the Epic. 

Thank you in advance for your contribution. 


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