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The Story

The Wild Warriors centers in an alternate universe where animals' understanding has evolved to a human-like consciousness. Animals are in a constant state of survival and warfare over territory. It's truly the survival of the fittest.

Unlike the rest of the animals, Elephants, much like monks, are keepers of peace and knowledge. Their values center on kindness and understanding. As their tradition dictates, all young males must join and learn the Ancient Way of the Elephant at the age of eighteen. The Monastery- is the epicenter of culture and civilization among pachyderms. According to tradition, The Superior Priest head of The Monastery sends out Scouts from The Monastery Order across the land to escort recruits and bring them back safe to the Monastery.

Young Kumbo anxious to join The Ancient Way of The Elephant awaits for the arrival of the Scouts. After weeks of waiting, he realizes something went wrong. Kumbo's family, concerned for his safety, decided to tag along and accompany him to the Monastery. Here is where our story begins.

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